Book Review: Gifts Differing

I’ve been looking at this book on the shelf for ages, meaning to pick it up. I’ve used Myers Briggs a number of times and before qualifying as a practitioner, I had a number of questions that were never quite resolved. Partly I put this down to my natural scepticism, but on studying deeper, I found it really interesting to delve further into the differences which is why I bought the book and have been looking at it for months! I decided in the end to listen to the audio book and I’m pleased I did. It’s available to non practitioners so I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested it different personality preferences. The book explains thoroughly the role of your dominant process and how that differs for those with a preference for extraversion and those who prefer to take their energy from within. As a parent I found it utterly fascinating to listen to how type develops in children and how this can manifest itself in terms of behaviour. The tone of the book is consistent with the title and it is very positive, I love the concept of our uniqueness as humans being a gift to be celebrated.


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