New team or new management?

Get your organisational culture right now to get the best out of your people with my leadership and development support.

What our clients say

Without Alison helping us reorganise our shift patterns, we’d have never been able to keep up with the demands of the hospitality sector. Her eye for the commercial applications of HR makes her a huge asset to any business.

Fran Butterworth Financial Director, Warren Butterworth

Alison’s skill and expertise are second to none as is her ability to appreciate the complexities surrounding scenarios and to provide advice and guidance on the options available, grading the risk of each possible outcome. We have taken advantage of several training courses provided by Alison and each has been well prepared, informative and relaxed allowing to us to learn, achieve objectives and to have fun.I have no hesitation in recommending Alison to work with any business.

Dominic Gardner Managing Director, Velocity

Alison understands how people at work tick and knows that to make money everyone’s got to pull together as a team. She can balance the needs of management with those of employees, and has the knowledge, skills and confidence to address the differences.

Roger Anderton NED and former COO, Reece Group

The Myers Briggs work Alison did for us transformed our business. Our team has never worked so well together and that's showing in our bottom line!

Graeme Tennick CEO, Tennick Accountants

Reynolds HR initially helped us make sure our HR and people processes were compliant, ready for the business to be sold. After COVID hit, Alison and her team supported our employees and managers through the uncertainty. I can't recommend her enough!

Chris Parker Financial Director, Avid

We have been working with Alison for a couple of years now during which time she has helped us empower our managers and supervisors and assisted a traditional business evolve into a 21st century organisation.

James Southern Managing Director, MH Southern & Co

Using Myers Briggs, Reynolds HR helped us better understand ourselves and how we can work as effectively as possible as a team.

Claire Birch HR Director at ScienceMagic Inc.

Knowing Reynolds HR are on-hand to provide extra support for specialist projects gives us great peace of mind.

Andy Burtenshaw Head of HR at North Air Ambulance

Sound familiar?

If any of the above ring true, you’re in the right place.

When things are new,
they’re tricky

In a new team, people don’t know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They don’t know where they ‘fit’. It’s your job to work out how to get the best out of everyone so:

Getting the best out of your people is a skill. Has anyone shown your leaders how to lead?

When you manage people, people remember your mistakes

This makes you second-guess your decisions. This uncertainty can get worse until you lose confidence completely.

Leadership is a skill that must be taught, developed and refreshed.

Let me support your managers so they get the best out of your people.

Let your leaders lead and they’ll surprise you to help your managers get the best out of your people.

What will we focus on?

Organisational Culture

Your five-year plan comes around fast. Defining your organisation's culture is something you need to look at now.

Your business will not reach its full potential without the right organisational culture. Your culture should work in synergy with your business goals.

If issues are starting to show, it's not too late. I will look at what works well in your business and help you to do more of that.

Leadership & management development

You need to unlock your employees' passion to keep your team happy, productive and engaged.

And how you manage your people must be in line with your company culture and business goals.

We'll turn your team's best day into their every day.


I'm not someone you see once a month. If you need advice about something, I'm here to help.

Being totally honest, most of the things we'll talk about are things you already know. But sometimes that confidence and reassurance you're doing the right thing is important.

There’s no management and development programme we wheel out.

Nothing is off the shelf.

We’ll start from scratch to give your managers the support they need.

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