Myers Briggs Assessment Newcastle

I’m one of the only Myers Briggs II qualified practitioners in the North East.

Using Myers Briggs II, we’ll have your team working happily and effectively.

What is Myers Briggs?

Myers Briggs is the most popular and trusted personality assessment tool.

Your staff set you apart from your competition. Myers Briggs helps everyone understand why they act in certain ways so we can bring out the best in everyone.

Benefits of Myers Briggs

What does Myers Briggs involve?

Typically, this is how a Myers Briggs works:

  1. We have a chat about your objectives and we agree whether Myers Briggs will actually help with this. This conversation is free.

  2. During a fun workshop hosted by us, your staff fill out a questionnaire.

  3. We analyse the results and put them into a report.

  4. In a second workshop, people get their results and have the chance to ask questions about them.

  5. We suggest changes you could make based on the information we now know about your team.

Who would benefit from Myers Briggs?

Executive coaching

New teams

Teams with conflict

Teams who could do even better

Read about how Tennick Accountants had their best month on record after completing Myers Briggs.

So let’s get started.

Send us a quick email at to introduce yourself and we’ll set up a meeting to find out what you need to do to make sure your business reaches its full potential.