Introducing Reynolds HR & OD

We were very excited to receive notification that Reynolds HR & OD is now incorporated. This has been in the planning and thinking for a long time, but as ever with these things when momentum starts to build, everything happens faster than you expect it to. We will be drawing on all our experience and education to bring clients a slightly different approach to human resources and organisational development. Pragmatic and results focused we work with businesses to understand their needs and present non textbook solutions. People and businesses are all unique and because something works in one business it doesn’t mean it will necessarily work in another. We can offer a range of solutions and interventions but importantly, we will tell you if we don’t think we can help, we will only be measured by our success. We love solving problems so if it isn’t in our core competencies we will say so. When we do think we can help, we will work within clients’ constraints with a flexible personal approach.


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