Everyone needs a break: 5 ways to stop feeling guilty about taking holidays

As business owners, we work bloody hard. But for what? If you’re not taking time off to enjoy the proceeds of your hard work, what’s the point? This article looks at the importance of taking a break and how to fully switch off when you do. So that instead of working through your ‘holiday’, you […]

Freedom Day? More Like ‘WTF’ Day

    There have been problems with mixed messages from our leaders during the whole pandemic.   From U-turns to blatant rule breaks, their actions haven’t matched their words.   This quick article looks at some of these mixed messages and highlights how you, a business owner, can avoid their mistakes when managing your own […]

Five Lessons 2020 Taught Us That’ll Keep Us Sane In 2021

Do you practice what you preach? It’s something I struggle with. I’m quick to tell my clients how important a proper break is, but I’m terrible at actually taking one. So before 2021’s challenges of running a business, being a mother, and (more recently) homeschooling my children take over, I thought I’d take my own […]