Five things business can learn from Game of Thrones

This article contains no plot spoilers   Whether or not you have watched it, irrespective of divided opinion on the final series, Game of Thrones has been one of the biggest television sensations of recent years.  As our TV watching habits have changed fewer of us watch episodes as they’re aired opting instead to watch […]

Leadership Jurgen Klopp style and the importance of passion

Across Europe, people everywhere, including in cities with no vested interest, are today discussing last night’s football. Klopp’s Liverpool FC pulled off an unprecedented, unexpected and seemingly impossible comeback against Barcelona. Watching his interview afterwards was, for me, the best part of the night and left me wondering why it hadn’t been expected. Of course, […]

What is OD?

When we started telling people about our business, the most common question we got was “what does OD mean?”. We toyed with taking it away from the logo and name but in the end, we stuck to our guns!

Introducing Reynolds HR & OD

We were very excited to receive notification that Reynolds HR & OD is now incorporated. This has been in the planning and thinking for a long time, but as ever with these things when momentum starts to build, everything happens faster than you expect it to.

Book Review: Gifts Differing

I’ve been looking at this book on the shelf for ages, meaning to pick it up. I’ve used Myers Briggs a number of times and before qualifying as a practitioner, I had a number of questions that were never quite resolved.